What to do in Iquitos, Peru (Amazon Rainforest)


  • Budget
    • soles/ 12 for taxi
    • s./ 15 per hour canoe rental pp (x 3 hrs s./ 180 total)
    • s./ 6 for bus to lagoon pp
    • s./ 5 for lagoon admission
    • s./ 25 each way to manatee research (s./ 50 total)
    • s./ 5 fee per person for manatee center
    • s./ ?? boat road to butterfly farm (s./ 100 total) (overestimating)
    • s./ 15 butterfly farm
    • s./ 25 taxi to la playa
    • s./ 100 per person/day for food
    • s./ 500 souvenirs

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  • Feb 28: Iquitos

    • Flight leaves Lima at 8 a.m., arrive in Iquitos at 10:30 a.m.

    • Hotel

    • Getting picked up by hotel; if taxi needed instead, it should cost no more than 12 soles ($4) from the airport

    • Staying at: Casa Moray

      • Calle Loreto 200 – Plaza Ramón Castilla – Iquitos, Perú

    • Visit the Belen Mercado (floating market)

      • Go to Bellavista on the Rio Nanay, neighborhood for canoe rentals

      • Rent a canoe for 15 soles ($5) per hour

    • Visit Quistococha Lagoon (5 soles, $1.60)

      • That’s where they breed GIAGANTIC fish called paiche and have a small zoo, a small beach and a lakeside restaurant/bar

      • Buses go the the lagoon from the corner of Bermudex and Moore near Plaza 28 de Julio (cost is 6 soles, trip time is 20 min)
  • March 1: Iquitos
    • Transfer to Amazonia Rainforest Lodge (would NOT recommend. They threatened me for writing a bad review)
  • March 5: Iquitos
    • Return to Iquitos

  • March 6: Iquitos

    • Explore Iquitos

    • Manatee Rescue Center (have to visit in the morning)

    • Can go from Bellavista to Playa Nana (It’s nice, but don’t swim. Strong currents)

    • Visit El Boulevard, which has an amphitheatre for live entertainment most nights

Where to eat:

  • Yellow Rose of Texas; Putumayo Street 180; 51-65-23-1353; (via NYT)
  • Al Frio y Al Fuego: upscale floating restaurant; Avenida La Marina 18; 51-65-96560-7474 (via NYT)

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Photo Credit: Chris Abney

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